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WorldTour teams including Team Sky appear to believe that shorter cranks are more efficient. Marc Abbott considers whether we should all make the change Short cranks can also protect riders

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More and more riders are discovering the advantages of using shorter crank arms, especially on recumbents and triathlon bikes. However they have been stymied by the lack of reasonably priced, short cranks, capable of accepting small 3rd chainrings.

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There are surely some of you who want to use a short crank arm set, and also want to use an SRM or Quarq system. For now you have a few options here, but it’s somewhat limited. The unique thing with these two companies is that they’re largely at the mercy of their suppliers… so if Campy doesn’t make a 160mm arm, SRM can’t use it.

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Are Short Cranks Faster? 19th October 2012. According to some of the world’s best triathletes, shorter cranks can help you achieve lower drag and faster run splits. this is due to the decreased leverage that comes from a shorter crank arm. So should you make the jump? Different cranks are a significant investment, as you will need to fit

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The cycling industry has long had a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to crank arm lengths. Even many custom bike fitters treat the standard lengths of 168-172mm as a given. 60-80% less expensive than custom short cranksets. The difference was remarkable and the customer service at Cadence Components was great.

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Sep 03, 2016 · It looked at the short term impact of small changes in crank length on gross efficiency (the ratio of work generated to the total metabolic energy cost) and pedalling …

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Crank Arm Lengths. Some people believe that the choice of crank length should be based purely on function e.g. 175mm for Mountain bikes and 165mm for the track. Tall people with relatively short cranks will have a wide saddle height ’sweet spot‘, where a change of a few mm in either direction makes little difference. If the cranks are too

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Since a short crank results in a higher gain ratio, With a low profile crank, the pedal ends of the arms stay in the same place, but the axle is shortened, and the arms run at an angle, outward from the bottom bracket toward the pedal end. Low profile cranks save a bit of weight, and are also potentially stiffer. The design is a real