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What works for the range may not work for the real world and vis-versa. Know pistol ready positions and keep your muzzle under control!

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Close Ready is a pistol ready position that places the handgun just below the visual plane and close to the torso. The elbows are down and tight to the sides of the torso, and the muzzle can be seen with the lower periphery of vision. Close Ready can be utilized as a Movement Ready position to

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Low ready is simply keeping the gun in front of you with your arms somewhat extended, but pointed lower than your target, using a two-handed grip. This allows for a clear line of vision, checking for any weapons in their hands, yet can quickly be raised to engage a threat should it appear.

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The low ready position also lends itself to movement. As you exit a bad situation, or as you move through your own house, remember to move your handgun in the same direction that your eyes move.

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Both Low Ready positions require that the gun be brought to the line of sight for firing from a non-extended arms position. Because the arms are not fully extended, it may be more difficult for the bad guy/gal to take the gun away from you with your arms in close to the body and not fully extended.

Situational Handgun Ready Positions: Another Perspective

Ready gun positions are separated into two broad areas, high and low. Anything at chest level or above is high and those oriented below the sternum are considered low. There are preferred RG positions for stronghold clearing and room combat, and there are those that work best when maneuvering in extremely confined quarters, as well as …

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Feb 10, 2014 · Pistol Ready Positions: Pros and Cons (On another thread, we sidetracked away from the topic into the pros and cons of various ready positions. Opinions were strong, so I thought I’d move it to a new thread.)