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France’s terrorism is largely home grown – yet both Macron

Macron at least took a step in the right direction when he described colonisation as a “crime against humanity”, after a two-day trip to Algeria as part of his campaign. But all this shows is that France has a lot of work to do to come to terms with its past if it is to have a better future.

Macron launches French counter-terrorism taskforce | …

Emmanuel Macron has created a counter-terrorism taskforce to improve the sharing of intelligence, as the government prepares to transfer certain special policing powers granted under France’s state of emergency into permanent law.

Opinion | Emmanuel Macron’s Unfettered Powers – The …

Jun 12, 2017 · Emmanuel Macron’s grip on political power seems unshakable after the first round of France’s legislative voting on Sunday. Mr. Macron won the presidency of France in May, a mere 13 months after starting his political movement, a remarkable achievement ratified by Sunday’s vote.

Macron: Terrorism ‘part of our daily lives for years to …

“Times have changed and we should learn to live with terrorism,” Valls said at the time. The comments led to the socialist being cursed and jeered in public, and played a prominent role in terminating his own hopes of a presidential run.

Emmanuel Macron’s Anti-Terror Law Is a Throwback to …

During Emmanuel Macron’s campaign for the French presidency, one of his promises was that the country’s state of emergency—initially declared by his predecessor Francois Hollande in response to the November 2015 Paris attacks—would not become a fixture of French political life.

Emmanuel Macron’s Visit to Mauritania: Fighting Terrorism

Macron should not miss the opportunity of his meeting with his Mauritanian counterpart to state clearly that in order to be effective, the fight against terrorism cannot involve suppressing fundamental rights and silencing all critical voices.

Macron: Together, U.S. and France will defeat terrorism

Here are key moments from President Trump’s and French President Emmanuel Macron’s speeches at the White House on April 24.

Trump told Macron ‚all the terrorists are in Paris

But Trump also made some strong statements about immigration and terrorism, according to the report. “You must know about this, Emmanuel, because all the terrorists are in Paris,“ Trump said to Macron during a discussion about Iran and terrorism.

France: Emmanuel Macron, Useful Idiot of Islamism

Emmanuel Macron, a „Useful Infidel,“ is not a supporter of terrorism or Islamism. It is worse: he does not even see the threat. Louizi’s article gave names and dates, explaining how Macron’s political movement has largely been infiltrated by …

Macron says education a response to terrorism – …

Mar 27, 2018 · Spread the loveParis – President Emmanuel Macron of France on Tuesday said building an educational system on the basis of “benevolence” and “self-fulfillment” would help to address “the root-cause” of terrorism.