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CBD oil contains negligible amounts of THC and is therefore considered a food supplement in the US (unlike THC oil, marijuana oil, and cannabis oil). You can obtain CBD oil from reputable websites online or in your local dispensaries.

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If THC is the psychedelic artist who blows glass in a yurt, CBD is his brainy twin brother with an advanced degree the science of feelin‘ good. Both found in marijuana, these two potent cannabinoids work together in our Peace Tonic to give you the euphoric buzz of THC combined with the clear-headed relaxation of CBD.

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After all, 60% of Americans support legal recreational marijuana and 94% favor medical marijuana use, according to a Quinnipiac poll. Let’s take a look at the next wave of states that will have legal marijuana, including two surprising neighboring states (pages 8 …

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Legality of cannabis by U.S. jurisdiction Jump to June 26, 2018: Voters in Oklahoma approved State Question 788, legalizing medical marijuana. Oregon: legal

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Legal for medical use, THC content below 1%. Legal for medical purposes. Decriminalized for personal use.

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When legal recreational marijuana sales began in the Pacific Northwest in 2014, prices were as high as $30 per gram for flower. “My hope is on my home state of Oregon to ramp up production and bottom-out prices,” I wrote for High Times.

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Marijuana alternatives are – not fake synthetic pot or legal weed. What is meant by the term is simply other smoking herbs and blends that one can enjoy instead of breaking the law or becoming dependent. Herbal Marijuana alternatives are not THC alternatives they are marijuana smoking alternatives.

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Legal Cannabinoids and THC Alternatives. Legal cannabinoids and THC alternatives medicines have been approved for medicinal use. Other medicines that mimic the properties of marijuana are currently undergoing clinical trials before FDA approval.

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Some medical marijuana laws are broader than others, with types of medical conditions that allow for treatment varying from state to state. Louisiana, West Virginia and a few other states allow only for cannabis-infused products, such as oils or pills.

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Recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and medical marijuana is legal in 30 states. A 2017 Gallup poll showed that 64% of Americans support legalization. Oklahoma …