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Additionally, Robar® offers a complete suite of practical grip modifications, magazine extensions, beavertail fabrication, front cocking serrations, trigger work and complete refinishing for all Glock™ models.

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The Skinny on Handgun Grip Reductions . By Melody Lauer. Facebook. Google+. Twitter. Linkedin. May, 13 One method to accomplish that is through a professional grip reduction modification. Custom grip reductions by Bowie Tactical for a Glock 19 and Glock …

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When purchasing a Glock® there are 3 top complaints. The factory sights, trigger pull and feel of the frame in hand. Zev Technologies™ has the answer to the grip discomfort, a grip modification that will adjust the feel of the frame to make a more comfortable fit to the owner’s hand.


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GLOCK 19 MODIFICATIONS. Common modifications that you can do to your Glock 19 to make it easier and more accurate to shoot. Adding a magazine well to the grip will make your G19 shoot better, feel better, and be more accurate. The standard grip is flat and may be short for larger hands. The magazine well fits on the bottom of the grip.

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Jun 24, 2016 · Does anyone have any experience with a custom grip modification? Or have you guys done it in your garage? I’m looking for more middle finger room on my Glock 19.


GLOCK GRIP REDUCTION GLOCK TRIGGER JOB LINKS. OTHER SECTIONS. HIKING PAGES HIKING JOURNAL NAVARRE BEACH DIARIES The Glock 19 is an ideal handgun for this work. The nylon frame lends itself well to shaping, and the guns are reliable and uniform. I can see how the angle of the backstrap needs to change. Without the modification…

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Determined to improve upon the “perfect” plastic pistol, I set out to find and test the most popular drop-in Glock mods available today.

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This modification reduces the overall length of the Glock grip. Example is chop from a G17/22 down to a G19/23 dimension. This modification can be done with or …