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Regularly updated information on how to get to Raja Ampat, including international and local flight details, airport transfers, ferry schedules, island transfers and everything else.

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Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is located on Gam island (0°27.678’S, 130°41.933’E),, in Indonesia‘s West Papua province, in the Raja Ampat Archipelago. We are 77km Northwest of the main airport in the …

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Getting to Raja Ampat is not an easy task, you have to switch planes, ferries, boats. But all the hassle is not for in vain, as Raja Ampat is what most people would describe as pure paradise. So come and find out how to get to Raja Ampat …

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Wherever you fly from you have to get into Sorong, the closest Indonesian city in West Papua and the gateway to Raja Ampat. From Sorong you then need to get to Sorong harbor. You can take a taxi from the airport to the harbor which will take about 20 minutes and cost around 100k rupiah.

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The two most popular ways on how to get to Raja Ampat are: Flying to Sorong; Sorong is the largest province in West Papua Province. You can get to Sorong by either hopping on a plane or getting on a ship. Once in Sorong, you can take a taxi to the Sorong ferry harbor. The ferries will take you to Wasai.

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How to Get to Raja Ampat (How to Get to Sorong) There are International flights to Jakarta, Bali, Manado and Makassar in Indonesia connecting through Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

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How to get to Raja Ampat the RIGHT way My friend, Rafael, who was traveling separately from me, decided that the simplest to get to Raja Ampat was to fly directly from Jakarta to Sorong. His flight was a few hours and about $150 more expensive.

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With direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong, it’s now easier than ever to get to Raja Ampat If you’re planning a dive trip to Raja Ampat, there’s good news With direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong, it’s now easier than ever to get to Raja Ampat. Use this quick guide for the simplest route to Raja Ampat.

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Getting to Raja Ampat To get to Raja Ampat, you’ll fly into the airport at Sorong (probably with an inconvenient transfer at Makassar if you’re coming from Jakarta or Denpasar). From here, it is still a couple of hours by boat to the islands.

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Hi, Hoping someone could help please, Im planning a trip and Im getting stressed with all of the options and amazing places to see!! We are travelling in May to Indonesia and Malaysia for about 4 months and I have many questions but this one is about the best way to get from Bali to Raja Ampat.