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Culpa in contrahendo is a Latin expression meaning „fault in conclusion of a contract“.

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Culpa in contrahendo is a Latin expression meaning “fault in contracting.” It is an important concept in contract law and refers to the principle that parties must act in good faith during preliminary contract negotiations.


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january 1964 harvard law review culpa in contrahendo, bargaining in good faith, and freedom of contract: a comparative study friedrich kessler * and edith fine **

Published in: Harvard Law Review · 1964Authors: Friedrich Kessler · Edith FineAffiliation: Yale University

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Culpa in Contrahendo Culpa in Contrahendo in Private International Law. This section contain conflict of laws information and cross references related to culpa in contrahendo on some major countries and additional jurisdictions. It covers key issues involved when citizens face international situations.

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Conditions to establish Culpa in Contrahendo Liability In order to invoke culpa in contrahendo, a pre-contractual relationship between the parties should be established, since the parties are obliged to negotiate in good faith and with diligence.

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culpa in contrahendo Latin phrase. a Latin phrase meaning fault in conclusion of a contract. It is an important concept in many civil law countries, under which a party is required to negotiate a contract with care and not to do anything likely to cause a the other party to do something against against his or her own interests.


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451 Culpa in Contrahendo in European Private International Law: Another Look at Article 12 of the Rome II Regulation By Najib Hage-Chahine* Abstract: Precontractual liability is liability that arises out of a harmful conduct

Published in: Northwestern journal of international law and business · 2012Authors: Najib HagechahineAffiliation: University of ParisAbout: Conflict of laws · Rome II Regulation

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In particular, culpa in contrahendo, which essentially describes the liability of a negotiating party in connection with the violation of obligations in the preliminary stages of contract …