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1/8″ Dyneema Break Test Final: Bury Splice vs Brummel

The bury splice, again, is the tapered tail of 72x rope diameter, inserted into the rope to form an eye, and stitched to keep the splice intact under no/low loads. The brummel is the same, but with an interlocking weave instead of the stitch.

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Finishing the Splice: For maximum strength and reliability, the long tail end is tapered, buried, and stitched. Finally the throat of the splice is whipped – see detailed descriptions of these procedures in the Long Bury Splice. Simpler Method: To obtain the same result using a simpler technique, visit the McDonald Brummel page.



SAMSON SPICING INSTRUCTIONS 1 STEP Using these measurements do the Locked Brummel Splice. Directions are as follows: SPLICING FIXED EYE AmSteel® and AmSteel ®-Blue Whoopie Slings have a break strength …

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The eye splice is a method of creating a permanent loop (an „eye“) in the end of a rope by means of rope splicing. The Flemish eye is a type of circular loop at the end of a thread. There are several techniques of creating the eye …

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The Brummel Lock: When completed, the two parts of the splice lie closely against each other to make the lock. However, the lock distorts the fibers and would lower the breaking strain if used alone. However, the lock distorts the fibers and would lower the breaking strain if used alone.

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This Brummel Eye Splice is recommended for 12 strand single braid high modulus fibre ropes, namely our SupreemX-12 and Vectro-12 lines. This method of Brummel Splice requires both ends of the rope and depending on the length of rope or existing hardware, you may need to use this method of Brummel splice instead.

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Mar 10, 2011 · Brummell Splice part 2 A simplier eye splice is the Samson 12-strand Class II eye splice . This is a simple, all-purpose eye retains 90 …



PHILLY BRUMMEL LOCK SPLICING INSTRUCTIONS PHILLYSTRAN ROPES: 12-Strand HMPE Braids Technical Bulletin – 411 – 6/13 151 Commerce Drive Montgomeryville, PA 18936-9628 USA

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Splicing instructions for completing the Brummel Eye Splice with only one end of a rope made with Dyneema (UHMPE) or other high modulus fibres.

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Watch the video to become familiar with the individual steps of the splice. When performing the splice, follow Samson’s written instructions for the step-by-step procedure below. Splice Instructions. Inspection and retirement criteria. Internal and external abrasion inspection information.