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The top weapon talents you have on your guns in The Division. The Division – the best weapon talents you should look for Weapon talents, the bonuses The Division randomly assigns to your guns, come in a wide variety of different shapes.

The Division – What Are the Best Weapon Talents?

Speaking of weapons, buying blueprints is the best way to ensure your character has the best weapon stats to suit your playstyle. In that aspect, weapon talents play a big part and knowing the difference between the good and bad is vital.

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Weapon Talents Rankings The table below shows you all of the weapon talents in the game ranked from best to worst. They are grouped into tiers but not ranked against one another within each tier.

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Apr 10, 2016 · Tom Clancy’s The Division- Want to know what the best and worst weapon talents are? Well Arekkz and I teamed up to give you the answer. This is the first in a 2 part series …

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Weapon Talents in The Division are unlockable passive attributes on Weapons which are activated once you have a high enough value in one of the 3 Stats of Firearms, Stamina or Electronics. You can view the Weapon Talents of a particular weapon by viewing it in the overview screen.

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Looking to maximize your player build in Tom Clancy’s The Division? Follow this helpful guide to learn what talents make each player role more effective in combat. The Best Talents for Each

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Hi all, Ive been off the The Division for a while now (due to work), Im back on now but its all changed obviously. Can you guys give suggestions as to what are the best talents on weapons now, it used to be Brutal, Deadly etc.

Top responsesRedditIf a weapon doesn’t have deadly+brutal (after rerolls if necessary) then I put it in the trash. 3rd talent should … read more1 voteSince you say you’ve been away, not sure if you’ve noticed or not yet but mob toughness was increased mainly by buffing armor. … read more1 voteSee all

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You can assist The Division Wiki by expanding this article as much as you can. Template:About Weapon talents are talents that effect a weapon in some way (e.g. Accuracy, Critical Hits, etc.).

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Video Best weapon talents for pve? Thanks. (self.thedivision) Can anyone post something like weapon types and which talents are good. Even if its not for all type of builds but at least to give me an idea. So does it make sense that taking his word for it and using the best talents post here I could save only these weapons with the

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Note: One of the best talents that can roll on a weapon. Every enemy you stumble upon during the Challenge missions, a large portion of those in the Dark Zone (DZ 05 and 06), as well as all of the uniquely named enemies are treated as elites.